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The Shadow of War

The Darkness and the Thunder

Author  |  Documentary Producer  |  Consultant

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Stewart writes both fiction and non-fiction and has to date written 14 books and contributed to a further 5. He began writing in 1996 with The Greatest, an in-depth analysis of 100 of the best British athletes. This was followed by a series of books accompanying his television documentaries.


His first novel ‘Conquest’ published by Penguin was one of the best-selling debut historical fiction book of 2011. He has now written seven fiction novels and the most recent one is Betrayal about The Troubles in Northern Ireland.



January, 1981. Jim Dowd is a British Special Forces soldier, highly-trained and loyal. With his colleague, army intelligence officer, Maureen O'Brien, he enters a bitterly divided Belfast with a mission: to go undercover with new identities, infiltrate one of the city's most dangerous Catholic communities, and help change the course of a war that nobody is winning.


The Ardoyne is a perilous world, cut off from the law and run by dangerous men, where even a hint of Jim's and Maureen's true identities will prove fatal. But it is also full of pride, courage and loyalty, and Jim realises he admires this community - and as relationships form, his guilt at his deception grows ever stronger.


When they receive shocking orders, Maureen knows they must act swiftly and ruthlessly, but can she rely on Jim? And if they rebel, are they betraying their country, or are they being betrayed?

The British Empire in Colour

The British Empire in Colour combines over 150 colour photographs and illustrations, many of them previously unpublished, with illuminating narrative and informative captions to bring to life the peoples, cultures and countries that once made the Empire such a powerful institution.

The British Empire in Colour provides an extraordinary insight into the events that have shaped modern Britain and determined its place in the world.

America at War in Colour

For over fifty years World War II has been seen as a black and white war. America at War in Colour goes far beyond the familiar, presenting images that have never been seen before. It is both a unique record of this massive confilict and a reminder to today's generations, most of whom have not experienced warfare at first hand, of the heroism, horror and devastating cost of global war.

Britain at War in Colour

The official book of the ITV series Britain at War in Colour, it contains over 100 specially-researched colour images and also includes first-person accounts, letters and diaries, from servicemen, civilians and leaders. Britain at War in Colour shows you how it really looked like to those who were there.

The Second World War in Colour

Two generations have grown up since the Second World War to think of that war as a conflict fought in black and white. Now the impact of colour images brings home the horrors and stress of war with an awful new clarity with The Second World War in Colour.

The Greatest

Daley Thompson's personal choice of the top 100 British sports people since 1900, but also a selection based on a unique system of categories that you can judge for yourself. With biographies, statistical information and records of particular achievements for each star.

The Darkness and the Thunder
The Shadow of War
The Defence of Britians Skies
America at War

The Darkness and the Thunder

1915 - The Western Front is a wasteland of barbed wire, shell craters and mud-filled trenches. Winston Churchill, searching for a solution to the stalemate, commits the Allies to a disastrous Gallipoli campaign.


As men on both sides die in droves, miners and mill-workers work tirelessly for the war effort while families confront the broken bodies of returning soldiers. Torn apart by war, the old way of life is vanishing. The Darkness and The Thunder is a sweeping story of war, following five families through the terrifying conditions of the Western Front, the slaughter of Gallipoli and the heartbreak of those left at home.


The Darkness and The Thunder is an epic novel of love, death and courage.

The Shadow of War

June 1914 - The beginning of another long, prosperous summer for Britain. But beneath the clear skies, all is not as it seem - as the chill wind of social discontent swirls around this sceptred isle.

Shots ring out in a distant European land - the assassination of a foreign aristocrat. From that moment the entire world is propelled into a conflict unlike any seen before.

This is the story of five British communities, their circumstances very different, but who will all share in the tragedy that is to come. All that they have known will be changed for ever by the catastrophic events of the Great War.

This is a story of love and comradeship, of hatred and tragedy - this is the story of the Great War.


1066 – Senlac Ridge, England. William the Bastard, Duke of Normandy, defeats Harold Godwinson, King Harold II of England, in what will become known as the Battle of Hastings.


The battle is hard fought and bloody, the lives of thousands have been spent, including that of King Harold. But England will not be conquered easily, the Anglo-Saxons will not submit meekly to Norman rule.


Although his heroic deeds will nearly be lost to legend, one man unites the resistance. His name is Hereward of Bourne, the champion of the English. His honour, bravery and skill at arms will change the future of England. His is the legacy of the noble outlaw - This is his story.


1072 - England is firmly under the heel of its new Norman rulers. The few survivors of the English resistance look to Edgar the Atheling, the rightful heir to the English throne, to overthrow William the Conqueror.


In the face of chaos and death, Edgar and his allies form a secret brotherhood, pledging to fight for justice and freedom wherever they are denied. But soon they are called to fight for an even greater cause: the plight of the Holy Land.


Embarking on the epic First Crusade to recapture Jerusalem, together they will participate in some of the cruellest battles the world has ever known, the savage Siege of Antioch and the brutal Fall of Jerusalem, and together they will fight to the death.


1140 - England. Under the rule of Henry II England is in a traumatic and bloody time known as The Anarchy.


Harold of Hereford, born of English noble blood and one of the nine founders of the Knights Templar, is a heroic survivor of the fearsome battles of the Crusader States.


During a period of ruthless brutality, greed and ambition, Harold is a loyal warrior in the cause of Empress Matilda, and on his broad shoulders carries the legacy of England's past and its hope for the future.


This is Harold's story told by the greatest letter writer of the 12th Century, Gilbert Folio.


1176 - England. King Henry II reigns over a vast empire that stetches the length of Britain and reaches the foothills of the Pyrenees. But he is aging, and his powerful and ambitious sons are restless.


Henry's third son, Richard of Aquitane, is developing a fearsome reputation for being a ruthless warrior. Arrogant and conceited he earnas the name Richard Lionheary for his bravery and brutality on the battlefield. After the death of his brothers, Richard's impatience to take the throne, and gain the immense power that being King over a vast empire would bring him, leads him to form an alliance with France.


And so, Richard begins his bloody quest to return the Holy Land to Christian rule.

The Defence of Britain’s Skies

This book tells the stories of seven iconic aircraft  – including the Hawker Hurricane Mk1, Sopwith F.1 and the Supermarine Spitfire Mk1 –  and their role in defending our skies over the last hundred years.

The British Empire
Britian at War
The Second World War
The Greatest


Reflections in a Golden Eye – Visions of Sport – Allsport 1998 – Chapter
The Ancient Olympic Games – British Museum Press 2004 & 2012 – Chapter
British Museum Magazine – Dreams and Realities 2004 – Article
A Secret Well Kept – The Untold Story of Sir Vernon Kell, Founder M15 – Bloomsbury – Introduction
The History of Australian Coinage – Booklet 2017 – Private Commission
The 65th Anniversary of the Coronation of Elizabeth II – Booklet 2018 – Private Commission

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