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Stewart has produced a hugely varied range of programming including long-running weekly magazine shows, one-off documentaries, documentary series, commercials and promos. He is renowned for high quality, emotive and inspirational story-telling and to date has produced over 780 hours of hours of programming!

Television Background

2006: Big Ape Media International – Somerset, Chief Executive.


2004/06: Octagon/CSI – London, Head of Production.


1987/04: Trans World International (now known as IMG Media) – London, Senior International Vice-President and Director of Special Projects.


1985/87: BBC Documentary Features and Current Affairs – London, Associate Producer.


1973/75: BBC Political Research Department – London, Researcher.


2019: Big Ape Media - Dream The Dream 

(6 min Launch Promo for Mengniu Dairy Group & Coca-Cola – Olympic Games Sponsors)

2018: Big Ape Media - Beautiful Education 

(3 x 5 min educational vignettes for Beautiful Films)

2018: Big Ape Media - The Beautiful Game 

(10 min promo for Beautiful Films)


2017: Big Ape Media - Chuan’s Ocean

(4x1 documentaries for multi-platform distribution for Guo Chuan Ocean Racing)


2015: Big Ape Media - Chuan’s Ocean

(13 news shorts for multi-platform distribution for Guo Chuan Ocean Racing)


2015: Big Ape Media - English Language & Sport, Music, Dance Courses
(5 min promo for Exsportise for international sales)


2014: Big Ape Media - Mao in Colour

(1 hr documentary for Discovery Europe and ZDF)


2014: Big Ape Media - A Journey of Hope

(1 hr documentary for FIFA and Worldwide broadcast by FIFA’s rights holders)


2013: Big Ape Media - India, the Jewel in the Crown

(3 x 1 hr for Discovery)


2013: Big Ape Media - Handshake for Peace

(4 min promo for FIFA and the Nobel Peace Centre)


2012: Big Ape Media - Manchester United Soccer Schools

(4 min promo for CMT Learning)

2012: Big Ape Media - Spiritu

(3 min promo for the charity Right to Play)

2012: Big Ape Media - Royal Pedigree

(4 min promo for ABC. Com US)

2012: Big Ape Media - Arcus

(5 min promo for the World Archery Federation)

2012: Big Ape Media - Sport Under Threat 

(2x1-hour documentary for Discovery)


2012: Big Ape Media - Arcus 

(1x5-minute Promotional film for the World Archery Federation)


2011:  Big Ape Media - Seisen: The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire 

(2x1-hour documentary for Discovery Asia)


2011: Big Ape Media - Road to London 

(60-second commercial for the London Mint Office for the 2012 London Olympic Games)

2011: Big Ape Media - Volvo Ocean Race 

(6-minute race simulator film for Volvo Ocean Race)

2011: Big Ape Media - Places People Play 

(10-minute promo for Sport England)

2011: Big Ape Media - Beauty Reborn 

(15-minute documentary Feature about sculptor Rosa Serra for Honav China)

2010: Big Ape Media - Korea: The Forgotten War in Colour

(2x1-hour documentary to mark the 60th anniversary of the Korean War for Discovery Asia)

2010: Big Ape Media - Mission Hills: Tribute to David Chu 

(10-minute personal tribute for Mission Hills Resorts China)

2010: Big Ape Media - Mission Hills 

(60-second TV Commercial for Mission Hills Resorts, China)

2010: Big Ape Media - Dream 

(6-minute commercial for Crystal CG China)

2009: Big Ape Media - Indochine 

(2x1-hour Documentary about Indochina – 1937 to 1975 for  Discovery Asia)

2009: Big Ape Media - Imagination 

(8-minute promo for Crystal CG China)


2009: Big Ape Media - Sean 

(6-minute promo for Sean Ruane, opera singer)

2008: Big Ape Media - Phil Daniels’ Football Matchday Madness 

(60-minute DVD for Fremantle)

2008: Big Ape Media - Dom Joly’s Golfing Greats Gaffes & Goofs’ 

(60-minute DVD for Fremantle)


2008: Big Ape Media - Ruud: Soccer Legend 

(1-hour documentary for 19 Entertainment)


2007: Big Ape Media - Catalyst for Change 

(1-hour documentary about Nigeria’s role in the downfall of Apartheid)

2007: Big Ape Media - Sochi 2014

(promotional film for Sochi’s bid for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games Producer, with New Moon Productions)


2006: Octagon/CSI - Inside the Lions’ Den 

(The official film of the Lions’ tour to New Zealand)


2006: Octagon/CSI - Chasing Churchill

(3x1-hour documentary series for PBS US about Churchill’s early life and his less well known interests)


2006: Octagon/CSI - What Price Fame (3x1-hour documentary series about celebrity and its pitfalls)


2005: Octagon/CSI - The Football League Show 

(weekly magazine show of the English Championship).


2005: Octagon/CSI - Golazo 

(weekly magazine show of international football)


2005: Octagon/CSI - British Gold 

(British Olympic Association Promo)


2004: TWI/IOC - IOC Camera of Record (3 short films for the IOC, following Athens 2004):

  • Olympic Odyssey – 1-hour preview film

  • Greek Tragedy to Modern Marvel – 1-hour Review film

  • Ode to Athens – 6-minute promotional film 


2004: TWI/IOC - Olympic Series:

  • Olympic Century (2nd edition) – 3-hour history of the Olympic Movement

  • Coubertin – 1-hour documentary on the life of Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the Modern Olympic Games 

  • Greek Gift – 1-hour documentary on the Ancient Greek Games 

  • Story of the Torch – 1-hour documentary on the story of the Olympic Torch Relay

  • Road to Athens – 6x30-minute preview of athletes preparing for the Athens Olympic Games


2004: TWI/Disney - Tiger 

(3x1-hour documentary on the life and times of Tiger Woods)


2003: TWI/Carlton/NHK - Japan’s War 

(2x1-hour ‘in colour’ history of Japan’s involvement in World War Two)


2003: TWI/Carlton - Churchill

(3x1-hour television history)

"It's a clear and objective biography, rich with personal insight and archive footage..." - TV Times.

"It paints the most accurate portrait yet of Britain's wartime chief."

- Star TV magazine

"A well-mounted and respectful three-part documentary about the life of the British statesman..." - The Independant

2002: TWI/Discovery - Goal Fulfilled

(1x52-minute sequel to ‘Ultimate Goal’ following the stories during the Japan-Korea FIFA World Cup 2002)


2002: TWI/Discovery - Ultimate Goal

(1x52-minute preview of the background stories around the Japan-Korea FIFA World Cup 2002)


2002: TWI/Carlton - British Empire in Colour 

(3x1-hour documentary)

"With so much rare and evocative film footage, it is essential viewing."

- The Times

"Extraordinary images... this was not just the Empire in colour, it was the decline and fall" - Daily Express

"This incredible film captures moments from the British Empire...It's all here" - The Guardian


2001: TWI/Carlton - The Queen Mother: Her Reign in Colour 1937-1953 (60-minute film)


2000: TWI/IOC - IOC Camera of Record (8 short films for the IOC, following Sydney 2000):

  • Dream 1

  • Dream 2

  • Vision 1

  • Vision 2

  • Words and Deeds

  • IOC Technology Film – SEMA

  • The Look Of The Games

  • Sponsorship Film


2000: TWI - Apollo 

(90-minute documentary outlining various Apollo missions that formed part of the NASA space programme)


2000: TWI/NHK/IOC - Japan at the Games 

(4x1-hour documentary history of Japanese athletes)


2000: TWI/TVNZ/IOC - Silver Fern 

(4x1-hour documentary history of New Zealand athletes at the Olympic Games)


2000: TWI/Channel 10 - The Friendly Games: Melbourne 1956 

(1x104-minute Official Film re-cut)


2000: TWI/IOC - Dreamtime 

(1x52-minute behind-the-scenes look as the countdown to the Sydney Games)


2000: TWI/IOC - Road to Sydney 

(6x30-minute documentary telling the story of athletes preparing for Sydney)

2000: TWI/Carlton - Britain at War in Colour 

(3x1-hour history of Britain at War during the Second World War)

"Extraordinarily haunting... The human experience of the War oozes from the screen, so that even Churchill's most familiar speeches take on fresh and moving resonance." - The Times

"Creates a picture of the War which is both recognisable and shocking." 

- The Observer

"...Impressive" - BBC History

"Original colour film, combined with letters and diaries, brings a real sense of immediacy to this new three-part series" - Daily Mail TV Choice


1999: TWI - The House of Hope 

(4-minute promo about ‘A Home for Hurting Teenagers’ in Florida)


1999: TWI/Carlton - Second World War in Colour

(3x52-minute history of the Second World War using previously unseen colour footage, the product of more than a decade’s research in archives, libraries and private collections on four continents)

"Nothing less than spellbinding" - The Sunday Times

"Stunning...could change the way modern viewers perceive the war"

- The Times

"It is utterly absorbing" - Daily Mail

"One of the more compelling series of recent years" - The Financial Times

"The visuals are so hauntingly powerful that you might want to watch it at least once..." - USA Today


1999: TWI/Pathé - Inventions

(6x26-minute series spotlighting the innovations and discoveries that have changed the world – for better or for worse)


1998: TWI - IMG Corporate Video

(6-minute promotional video)


1998: TWI - Figure-it-out ‘with Lorraine Kelly’

(60-minute fitness video produced on behalf of Polygram video. Designed to change the perception of previous fitness videos through the targeting of ‘busy working mums’. Achieved record sales in the UK)


1998: TWI/Pathé - Fabulous Fortunes

(6x1-hour series about money, wealth, power and temptation in the 20th Century - with British Pathé)


1998: TWI/IOC - One Vision (Official Sponsor Recognition Film of the Nagano Winter Olympics for the IOC


1998: TWI/IOC - Winter Spectacular

(from Sapporo to Nagano, 25 years of change in the Olympic Movement)


1998: TWI/Pathé - Century 

(a 13x1-hour history of the 20th Century - with British Pathé)


1997: TWI/IOC - Olympic Series 2nd Edition

(Olympic Destinies, Women of the Games, Road to Nagano, Reflections of Summer and Reflections of Winter)


1996: TWI/IOC - Memories of Atlanta 

(Official Sponsor Recognition Film for the IOC)


1996: Australia - McCormack: A Journey through Contemporary Sport 

(a 3x1 hour documentary telling the Mark McCormack Story)


1996: TWI/IOC - Olympic Series 1st Edition

(18x1-hour collection of outstanding memories from one hundred years of the Modern Olympic Games capturing 100 of the greatest moments in Olympic History: Golden Moments of the Olympic Games, The Dream Team, The Olympic Spirit, Stride to Glory)


1996: TWI/IOC - A Dream Fulfilled 

(an 8-minute documentary on women in the Modern Olympic Games commissioned by Avon Products)


1995: TWI/IOC - A Vision 

(a public service announcement commissioned by the IOC)


1995: TWI - Mountain Airs 

(a 26-minute documentary on the Verbier Music Festival and Academy)


1995: TWI/IOC - The IOC Coin Programme

(this programme promotes the production of coins from mints all around the world leading up to the first Olympic century)


1994: TWI/IOC - A Hundred Years of Dreams 

(a 7-minute sponsor recognition documentary on the Summer Olympic Games)


1994: TWI/IOC - Magic of Lillehammer 

(6-minute programme celebrating the Lillehammer Winter Games)


1994: TWI/FIFA - World Cup Teams of the 80s


1994: TWI/FIFA - World Cup Teams of the 70s


1994: TWI/FIFA - The World Cup’s Greatest Goals


1994: TWI/FIFA - World Cup Bloopers


1994: TWI/Ufa-Bertelsmann - Olympic Century

(3x1-hour documentary celebrating the first hundred years of the Modern Olympic Games commissioned by the IOC)


1993: TWI - Futbol Mundial 

(weekly football magazine show distributed in 40 countries)


1992: TWI - Guardians of the Flame 

(a 26-minute history of the International Olympic Committee)


1991: TWI - Blood, Sweat and Glory 

(a 7-hour documentary series charting the history of sport)

1991: TWI - Fairplay 

(a 15-minute programme commissioned by FIFA to promote the concept of fairplay in soccer)

1991: TWI - It’s a Woman’s Game

(an 18-minute programme commissioned by FIFA to introduce the first World Cup in women’s soccer in November 1991)

1991: TWI - Fangio 

(a biography of a racing driver for Channel 4)


1989: TWI - Simon Coombes: an African Experience 

(a biography of a wildlife artist for Channel 4, UK)

1989: TWI/in co-production with FIFA - The People’s Game

(3x1-hour history of soccer distributed to over 30 countries)

1989: TWI Artworld - Artworld 

(a monthly arts magazine - 12 editions, distributed to 13 countries)


1987/96: TWI - Trans World Sport 

(weekly sports magazine - currently distributed in 70 countries and in its 920th edition)


1986: BBC Current Affairs - Panorama


1986: BBC Science Features - QED


1985: BBC Documentary Features BBC / WNET co-production - Sport and Mankind

Arts Films Crystal CG Showreel

Exsportise English Academy Plus


Chasing Churchill



Japan's War


Britain at War in Colour

Second World War in Colour


Blood, Sweat and Glory

The People’s Game

Trans World Sport

Arts Films Crystal CG Showreel 2009
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